Did you know that public schools are the region’s largest public transportation service provider? Over 40 percent of kindergarten through 12th grade students living in Thurston County take the bus to school. That’s over 32,000 daily student bus trips. During the 2010-2011 school year, school buses transported your region’s students over four million miles.

Safe Routes to Schools


Thurston County Walk N Roll

“Walk N Roll” Program and Healthy Kids – Safe Streets Action Plan
“Walk and Roll” Program and Healthy Kids – Safe Streets Action Plan is a school demonstration project to build and sustain partnerships that will result in a new generation of walkers, bike and bus riders, as well as reduce trips to and around schools.

Goals for this program:

  • Build a generation of safe and healthy walkers, bicycle riders, and bus riders
  • Encourage regular physical activity to promote health and readiness to learn
  • Reinforce good traffic safety skills

Walk N Roll strives to create a healthier, safer and more active community. YOU can help!

image of Pace Car Bumper Sticker

National Safe Routes to Schools Improving children’s safety while walking and bicycling is a central mission of the Safe Routes to School program. Find out more at their website. North Thurston Public Schools Walking Routes North Thurston Public Schools has developed a set of maps for their schools that identify the suggested walking routes for each school.

Public School Transportation


Intercity TransitYouth Programs


Intercity Transit offers transportation services and k-12 educational programs to help young people and families get around by biking, walking, and riding the bus. School and after school programs are available within the Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey and Yelm school districts.
Schools and Routes Intercity Transit has routes that serve 43 schools in your community.  See a full listing of those schools here.

Walk N Roll The Walk N Roll program develops educational opportunities, encouragement campaigns, and programs in schools to increase biking, walking, and bus riding.

Encouragement Programs
Learn more about programs like Undriving, Earn-a-Bike, and Walk N Roll.