Sharing the Carpool Cost

Sharing the Cost of Carpooling

Try this Carpool Reimbursement Formula for figuring out how to share the costs of carpooling.

Average miles per gallon, Paula’s car = ______

Average miles per gallon, Brenda’s car = ______

Average miles per gallon of both cars = _______ (A)
Round trip miles for the commute = _________ (B)

If the average miles per gallon are _____(A), and the roundtrip miles are _____(B), then it takes _____ (C) gallons to travel the roundtrip commute (divide B by A)

Then take the cost of a gallon of gas $ and multiply it by the number of gallons of gas it takes to travel the roundtrip miles (C) = _______. This is the cost to make the round trip (D).

Divide the cost to make the round trip _____ (D) by 2 = ______. This is the amount the passenger should pay the driver each day they carpool.

If you drive equal number of days, it’s a wash! Otherwise, reimburse the other driver for the number of days above and beyond the number of days you drove.