Meet Thurston

Hi, my name is Thurston, and I live in Thurston County with my Sasquatch family. A few months ago, I realized we were spending a lot of money on transportation. I also noticed I wasn’t very fit and my stress levels sky rocketed every time I got in the car to drive to work. I want my children to live in a healthy place with less air pollution. My habits were really leaving a mark on my earth, wallet, and waistline!

I began exploring other ways of getting around and discovered Driving less is easy! With help from Thurston Here to There, I’ve taken the bus, teleworked, and ridden my bike. My boss is happier because I’m healthier, more productive, and I feel great! Join me in finding new ways to get from Here to There.


Thurston Teleworks   Thurston Bikes
Thurston Teleworks – Poster created for National Telework Week.   2011 Bicycle Commuter Contest. South County promotion.
Thurston Magazine   Thurston Brochure
Another poster promoting National Telework Week.   Thurston Here to There Brochure