Use Your Head – Wear a Bike Helmet

Bikes don’t suffer concussions, people do. Your handle bars and bike rack will never thank you for sharing your helmet. A bicycle helmet is the single most effective safety device available to a bike rider to reduce head injury or death from crashes – so learn to wear it correctly on your head.

Helmet Fitting and Sale

The American League of Bicylists offers these tips for obtaining a properly fitting bike helmet:

  1. Place it on your head without fastening the straps
  • There should be a two-fingers width between your eyebrows and helmet
  • There should be little movement when you shake your head from side to side
  • You will want to start out with the smallest size– you may have to try on different sizes and brands of helmets until you find one that fits
  1. Adjusting Your Helmet:
  • The side straps should come to a point just below your ears forming a “Y” shape
  • When your mouth is closed, there should be about half an inch between the chin strap and your chin


Get a Helmet

Safe Kids Thurston County is holding a helmet fitting and sale event this Saturday, May 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Lacey Fire District Headquarters, Station 31 (1231 Franz St SE). Bring your own helmet or purchase one at the event for only $10. For more information, visit:

Our local bike shops carry a variety of styles and sizes of helmets to fit you or your family members’ needs. They can help you find the right helmet or order one. If you really want to express yourself, check out what Nutcase Helmets has to offer. They have designs and colors to please the playful or the fashion conscience cyclists.

The City of Olympia has a limited supply of youth bicycle helmets for families in need. Helmets can be picked up at City Hall between 8:15 and 4:45 Monday – Friday. For more information, contact Michelle Swanson, Senior Program Specialist, or 753-8575.