What Moves You? Tell Us!

Do you live, work, play, or have business in the Thurston Region? If so, you’re a transportation expert.

Local planners and policymakers want to know your ideas for improving travel in the region between today and 2040. The Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC), the region’s council of local governments, is updating its decade-old Regional Transportation Plan. This plan shows how we’ll move around the region in coming years and supports coordination among local jurisdictions.

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A central question: 

How should the region invest limited transportation funds during the next quarter-century? That’s where we need your expertise.

The plan’s website features a brief video that you can watch below, an interactive calculator, and a short online survey to help What Moves Youyou weigh transportation investments. 

  • More bike lanes and buses?
  • More bridge and road maintenance?

Your opinion matters!

“Our community is the hub of state government and the southern gateway to Puget Sound, and it’s critical that we continue to move people and products efficiently,” said TRPC Chair Sandra Romero. “Our transportation dollars are limited, so we need to know our community’s investment priorities for today and tomorrow.”

TRPC wants to hear from all types of travelers: younger and older, commuters, bicyclists, truck drivers, carpoolers, retirees, bus riders, farmers — everyone. It’s easy to participate and tell us what moves you.Visit www.ThurstonWhatMovesYou.org. Watch the video. Try the investment calculator.  Take the survey.

  • Need assistance, special accommodation, translation?  Call 360.956.7575, or email us at info@trpc.org.
  • For TDD, call toll free 1.800.833.6388 or call 711, and ask the operator to dial 360.956.7575.

Watch the video, try the investment calculator, and take the survey. Tell us – What Moves You?