New Maps Improve Access to Recreation Opportunities in Thurston County

Two new interactive maps have been added to the Recreation page of  to help identify recreation opportunities in Thurston County.

Recreation Maps

The Recreation Map includes information on amenities such as parks, bike trails, campgrounds, and a host of other recreation sites in our region.  Clicking on any of the recreation sites brings up additional information on that amenity and in many cases includes a link to the website for that particular location.

Thurston County Parks Map

The Parks Map provides a more in-depth look at park facilities located within Thurston County.  Users of this map can click on any park to see detailed information about that park but they can also use the magnifying glass tool to search for a park with specific amenities.

magnigying glassFor example, if a user is interested in finding parks with playground equipment they would simply need to click on the magnifying glass and type in the word “playground.”  A list of all parks that have playground equipment will be created and clicking on any name in that list will zoom the map to that location.  The magnifying glass tool can also be used to find a specific park by name by typing the name of the park into the search box.

Take a few minutes to explore these two new maps and plan your next local outdoor adventure.

Please note: these online Web Maps work best when viewed with the Chrome or Firefox internet browsers.