Thurston Bigfoot Revealed

In honor of Telework Week we’re flashing back to our first Thurston Bigfoot encounter.







It’s Not too Late to Take the Telework Pledge 

It is not too late to take the Telework Pledge and determine your impact and your savings. Telework week is March 4-8, 2013, but here at we’re considering March Telework Month.

Last year during telework week more than 71,000 people nationwide pledged to telework –

  • saving $5,651,890 on commuting costs
  • gaining back 251,774 hours of their day, and
  • removing 3,453 tons of pollutants from the air
  • while refraining from driving 6,413,006 miles

How would you spend your extra commute time if you were able to work from home?

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