Google Maps helps you take the road less traveled

Like many motorists, you may use Google Maps to plan your driving routes — but did you know the very same online tool can also help you plan a trip using a bicycle, bus, train, or even your feet?

Google Maps gives you the option to request turn-by-turn directions for several different methods of travel. Just enter your Origin (A) and Destination (B) and use the buttons above those text boxes to switch between the driving, transit, walking, and bicycling options for your trip.

If your local transit provider participates in the Google Transit program, you will be shown a number of suggested transit routes. You’ll also be given the option to refine those suggestions by specifying your preferred arrival or departure times.

For those individuals interested in using their bicycle to travel around their community, Google Maps also provides recommendations for cyclists, which prioritize routes based on the presence of bike lanes, paved trails, and pedestrian connections.

So, the next time you use Google Maps to plan a trip, take an extra minute to look at all of your commute options. It just might inspire you to take the road — or pathway — less traveled.

For more details about how you can use Google Maps to use a bike, bus, or your own feet on your next trip, visit their help page.

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