The Real Benefits of Employee Telecommuting [Infographic]

National Telework Week is around the corner (March 4 -8)! In the spirit of encouraging employees to telework, is sharing an infographic from, about the benefits of telework with our readers.

Here are just a few highlights from the article:

Today, approximately 30 million Americans telecommute at least one day per week, and that number is expected to increase 63% by 2016.

According to the data, if everyone whose job is compatible with telecommuting were to begin working from home just half of the time, the national savings would be greater than $700 billion per year. Specific savings include:

  • A company saves $11,000 per telecommuting employee.
  • A telecommuting employee saves between $2,000 and $7,000 per year.
  • The oil savings would be greater than 37% of U.S. imports from the Persian Gulf.
  • The greenhouse gas reduction would be the equivalent of taking the entire workforce across the state of New York permanently off the road.

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benefits of employee telecommuting infographic
Via: BOLT Insurance